How to Get Girls Interested in You on Kik

You've been on Kik for awhile and you're starting to find out that there's a certain approach to the network that can bring you massive success with females. But, what are those methods and approaches that get you results with the fairer sex? Here, we'll cover two essential aspects to any winning Kik approach.

1.) Intrigue: Was James Bond a real man? What about the Great Gatsby? These powerful male sexual icons were fictitious, but they still make women swoon at the very mention of their names. Don't you want that same effect with women? It's going to start with effort, if you want to become a legend with the ladies on Kik. Before you even start talking to a girl, think about what your backstory is going to be. It can be entirely taken from the truth about your life, but think up a "highlight reel" of sorts. Once you have something that works, put it in your playbook and then you can always go back to it when you feel out of things to say. 

2.) Bending Truth: Notice that the title of this post is "getting girls interested" not "becoming an honest person on Kik." Actors aren't "being themselves" when they make millions of dollars impersonating characters they aren't like in real life, for the sake of offering theatrical experience to the audience. You'd be best to consider your own efforts on Kik, especially when pursuing the attention of females, in this same way. They're expecting a performance and sometimes the truth either is unattractive or just uninteresting. Feel free to spice up the truth as much as you need in order to sell yourself as the most interesting guy on her list.

Nobody is going to tell you that a relationship or an experience on Kik is going to be as fulfilling as a real-world, in-the-flesh, girlfriend. That being said, you might be surprised to find out that some of the very methods used to get and find girls on Kik can also be applied to the real world. Consider Kik your training ground and this guide a battle plan to become a master of the Kik game-kick -- if you will.