Getting Started with Kik Messenger - How to Set Up an Account

Ever since the earliest days of the smartphone, instant messaging apps were among the most popular. These days one of the most widely used instant messaging apps is Kik Messenger. Even if you are not currently using this increasingly popular smartphone app, chances are your friends are already taking advantage of it.
If you want to keep up with those friends and stay in communication, you will first need to download the Kik Messenger app. Fortunately the Kik Messenger app is available for both Apple and Android-based smartphones, so you can get it no matter what kind of device you prefer.
Once you have downloaded and installed Kik Messenger from your favorite app store, you will next need to choose a username and password. Be sure to use a strong password, preferably one you do not use elsewhere on the web. Using a separate password for Kik will help keep your account secure and prevent unauthorized access.
You can also set up a display name for Kik Messenger. The display name should be your first and last name, as this will make it easier for Kik-enabled friends to find and contact you.
To finish your Kik Messenger registration, just enter your email address and date of birth. You can also enter your mobile phone number if you wish. Kik Messenger users also have the option of setting up a profile picture.
When others using Kik Messenger look for your account, they will see your display name (first and last name), your username and your profile picture. Other Kik users will not be able to see your email address, your birthday, your location or your phone number if you provided one.
Be sure to use a valid email address, one that you check regularly, when registering for Kik. Having a valid email address on file will allow Kik to send you important updates, including information about pending upgrades, changes to its privacy policy and notification of any potential problems.
Kik Messenger is already one of the most popular instant messaging apps out there, and it is continuing to grow day by day. Teens in particular are using Kik to keep in touch with their friends and make plans for after school.
Since Kik is so popular with teenagers, many parents are setting up their own accounts as well. It is a good idea for parents to have an account on every social media platform where their children are active, and Kik is no exception. Whether you need to set up an account for yourself or your teenager son or daughter, you can use the steps listed above to get started.