4 Great Features You'll Find in Kik Messenger

If texting has never been easy and fun, you probably haven't tried Kik Messenger. Kik Messenger is a smartphone-based app that lets its users communicate through text messages, photos and video sharing, as well as engaging in group chats. Kik Messenger developers have been keen on introducing user-friendly features that have attracted more than 240 million users in the past six years. Here are some of the attractive features that always come in handy with Kik Messenger:

A well-developed notification system
The app lets users know when their messages have been sent, delivered, and read. Consequently, a user can know whether the recipient has chosen to chat or ignore.

Group chats
At times, a user may want to send a single message or hold a similar conversation with several users. With Kik Messenger, users can create groups that enable exchange of messages with up to 10 people. Messages in the group remain privy to the members only. Additionally, members can share photos and videos in the group. Therefore, planning and sharing memorable events with friends is enjoyable and tranquil.

Integration with other social platforms
Kik Messenger users can integrate the app with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Viddy, SocialCam and Instagram. Social integration orchestrates quick sharing of content across these platforms, which in return reaches a wide network of family and friends.

Sending a message or sharing content using the Kik Messenger app is free of charge. A user only requires a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection. In this regard, friends and family can send unlimited messages without spending much money compared to standard texting.

In this smartphone era, texting, uploading and sharing content has never been easier with Kik Messenger. From numerous user reviews, the platform is one of the best in the market. Join other users today and share amazing experiences offered by the app's excellent features.